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Sheils Intusscusception Air 
      Air Reduction Kits 
      Intusscusception Accessories 
      Intusscusception Bulbs 
Pediatric Positioning Aids 
      The Hugger 
      CT Hugger 
      General Positioning 
      Pedi Head Holders 
      Pediatric Finger Blocks 
Lead Markers  
      Plastic Backed 
      Aluminum Backed 
      Indicator Markers 
Pediatric Accessories 
      Gonad Shields 
      Multi Strap 
Day Date Label System  
      Labels per day 
      X-Ray Labels
Cardiopulmonary Pulmonary 

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GRI Medical Products has been providing supplies to the medical industry since 1990. Over the years, we have come to manufacture unique products for Pediatric Radiology procedures. We also carry many items used in other imaging modalities. Take a look through our site to see some of the ways we have helped our clients with solutions for your everyday needs. Our clients are throughout the United States and many countries, and include both large and small hospitals as well as private practices, clinics and imaging centers.


Our Mailing address is:

GRI Medical Products, Inc.

P. O. Box 7732 Cave Creek, AZ 85327

Phone 800-291-9425

FAX 480-595-9933

Email: info@grimedical.com        




xray film

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