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Cardiopulmonary Pulmonary 

Pediatric Accessories

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Gonad Shields

Set of 10. $85.00/ per set



The answer to all of your restraining, positioning, and holding problems. Mult-Strap gives you al the advantages of tape without the adhesive. Constructed from hook and loop laminated back to back onto one continuous roll. Simply cut to the desired length and wrap around the item to be secured. Multi-Strap can be used over and over without losing the holding power. No adhesive means no sticky mess on equipment, and no irritation from pulling off patients skin. GRI bulk packages Multi-Strap for high volume users in rolls of 25 yards. This is the equivalent of 2.5 rolls from other companies at less than twice the price. Order a roll today and save.



3" x 75' $145.00


Xray Accessories

gital X-Ray Equipment

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