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Cardiopulmonary Pulmonary 

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Pediatric Positioning Aids

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The Hugger

Provides a warm, secure environment for infants and children during imaging procedures
CFI-425 - Infants up to 3 mos. $284.00 ea
CFI-426 - Children 4 mos. to 3 yrs. $435.00 ea



CT Hugger

Immobilization concept of The Hugger adapted specifically for CT. $725.00


12 Degree Foam Wedges

2.25H x 9.5W x 7.25L, 2 / set $14.50


45 Degree Wedge

CFI-118 7 x 7x 7 45 degree wedge $17.50


Foam Bolster

CFI-124 Foam bolster 6.6H x 9W x 18L. $45.00


Rectangle Kit

Rectangle kit includes 3 rectangle sets. $45.00: -

(3) .5? x 4? x 6?

(3) 1? x 4? x 6?

(3) 1.5? x 4? x 6?

(3) 2? x 4? x 6?



45? Spinal Wedge

9?H x 9?W x 30?L $35.00


45? Wedge

7?H x 7?W x 14?L $21.00


Spinal Wedge

7?H x 7?W x 21.25?L $33.00


Spinal Wedge, Ultra Foam

CFI-145-UF Spinal wedge, 45 degree, ultra foam $70.00


Decubitis Block

18 x 14 x 3" decubitus sponge w/ cover $135.00


Circle Discs

CFI-25, 2" x 5" circle discs $15


AP-PA Head Immobilizer ? Infant

CFI-304, infant head holder $25


AP-PA Head Immobilizer ? Child

CFI-305 child head holder $52.00



CFI-303 Orange Head Immobilizer blocks $270.00


Lateral Finger Block - Right Hand

CFI-428 Finger block Right $12.50


Lateral Finger Block - Left Hand

CFI-429 Finger block Left $12.50


Oblique Finger Block

CFI-121 Used to position the oblique of the hand $10.50


Xray Accessories

gital X-Ray Equipment

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