SealCath Cephus Catheter, 30 French All-Silicone

GRI Medical Products, Inc.

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The Cephus CatheterTM is a colorectal catheter intended to instill air or fluid into the colon. This catheter incorporates inflatable balloons: one spherical and a secondary tapered balloon. The augmentation of the two balloons creates an airtight rectal seal. It is the only double balloon colorectal catheter on the market.

The Cephus Catheter can be used with CT scan (rectal contrast) to evaluate for post-surgical leak and fistula, CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy), barium enema, intussusception reduction, mucous fistula re-feed, fistulagram, and colonic washout. With all the listed procedures, a rectal seal will improve the diagnostic and therapeutic yield.